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Palomar Technologies2460-V Automatic Thermosonic Gold Ball Wire Bonder


Cycle time: 250 msec per wire with a wire length of 0.025 inches

CPU:  200 MHz or greater 

Drives: 500 Mb or greater hard disk drive and a 3.5 inch floppy disk drive

Pattern recognition: Cognex 5000 series gray-scale vision system

Programmable lighting dual channel (through-the-lens and off-axis)

Bond force: 20 to 200 grams (programmable in one gram increments)

Ultrasonic generator: 1 or 5 watt (selectable), 60 kHz, phaselock controlled, dual mode

Ultrasonic transducer: electrostrictive ceramic 60 kHz

Flame-off: Negative electronic arc with adjustable miss detection

Standard gold wire: round wire diameter 0.0007 to 0.002 inches with negative EFO

Optional gold wire: round wire diameter 0.002 to 0.003 inches with positive EFO

Z stroke: 0.500 inches, 1.0 inches deep access optional

X-Y positioner range 12 x 5 inches

4 x 4 inch heated work stage, 4 x 6 inch heated work stage optional, 250 degrees C. maximum 

Axis (X, Y, Z) resolution: 0.0001 inches

Digital servo: Pre-tuned at factory no tuning needed

Looping: multiple programmable looping modes with maximum loop height 

True multi-axis, coordinated motion control

  Operation and maintenance manual included 


Palomar Technologies 2470-V Automatic Thermosonic Gold/Aluminum Wedge Bonder


Specifications similar to above with the following exceptions:

Cycle time: approximately 750 msec per wire with a wire length of 0.025 inches

Aluminum and gold wire bonding with the added flexibility of ribbon bonding

Complete with de spooler and missing wire detection

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