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M C Consulting tested new and used parts for Hughes 2460-I/II 2470-I/II and 2500-I/II Machines

MC Consulting is a leading provider of quality used Hughes Aircraft Wire Bonding Equipment. Customer service is our only goal.  Professional operator, programmer, maintenance training and applications assistance is available on all Hughes/Palomar  equipment. We are proud to offer excellent prices on hard to locate tested replacement parts on Hughes 2460-I/IIs, 2470-I/IIs and 2500-I/IIs.         


Part #              Part Description  

120H076                 Pinion Bearing

125H009                 Drive Belt (2500 in/out)

205H011                 X, Y Servo Amplifier (Old Style)

250H007                 Coupling, Bellows Z Axis

250H008                 Coupling, Bellows X, Y Axis

260H009                 Fan, Large, Main Power Supply

260H014                 Fans, Card Cage and Servo Amps

290H008                 Large Fan Filter

720H172                 Keyswitch

720H176                 Stop Switch

720H178                 Jog Encoder

720H185                 Start/Stop Switch

720H188                 Vacuum Sense On/Off Switch

770H036                 Solenoid w Exhaust Port (Pneumatics Panel 2500)

999H097                 Diaphram (2500 Bond Head)

999H116                 Camera Panasonic

999H142                 Camera, RCA Vidicon

999H290                 Video Monitor B/W

WD-8604C1           CPU Board Without EPROMs

WD-8604D1            I/O Board (2460/2460-II/2470-I/II)

WD-8605D1            X, Y or Z Servo Control Board

WD-8615D1            50 Pin Extender

WD-8616D1            60 Pin Extender

WD-8617D1            Memory Board Without EPROMs (2460/2460-II)

WD-8699C12          Motor/Tachometer/Encoder

WD-8701C31          Table Steel Shroud

WD-8703B22          Start/Stop Switch

WD-8706A21          Hammer (Clamp Hemisphere)

WD-8706B23          Anvil (Wire Clamp)

WD-8706C1            Wire Clamp Assembly (2460-I/II)

WD-8707D1            EFO Wand Actuator Assembly

WD-8712-001         Single 80 track 5.25 Inch Single Sided Floppy Drive

WD-8713A41          Glass Wire Feed Tube, Clear

WD-8713D1            Bond Head Assembly (2460-I/II)

WD-8731D1           Upper A.C. Distribution Box

WD-8732D1           EFO Chassis 1, 1.25, 2.0, 3.0 Mil Wire

WD-8733D1           Crosshair Board

WD-8739C1           EFO Wand & Cable

WD-8755D1           Lower A.C. Distribution Box

WD-878766D1       Keyboard Assembly (Old Style, High Profile Keys)

WD-8766D1-001   Keyboard Assembly (New Style, Low Profile Keys)

WD-8770B1           Wire Clamp Solenoid

WD-8771B1           EFO Solenoid

WD-8772B1           Force Solenoid

WD-8790B1           Camera Select Relay (Used on 2500 unconnected on 2460)

WD-8791D12         Glentek Power Supply w or without Servo Amps

WD-8792D12         Xentek Power Supply

WD-8820D1           Dual 80 Track 5.25 Inch Single Sided Floppy Drive Assmb. 

WD-8820D1-001   Dual 80 Track 5.25 Inch Double Sided Floppy Drive Assmb. 

WD-8945-21           Vacuum Pickup Sensor (2500)

WD-8945                 Dashpot (2500)

WD-8946                 Pneumatics Panel (2500)

WD-8949-1             Optical Sensor Board (2500)

WD-8951-1             Upper Mother Board, CPU (2460)

WD-8952-1             Lower Mother Board, OR (2460)

WD-8970-1             I/O Board (2500, 2500-II)

WD-8971-1             Upper Mother Board, CPU (2500)

WD-8998-1             Stepper Power Board (2500)

WD-8999-1             Stepper Driver Logic Board (2500)

WD-8821D1           Epoxy Pot Assembly (2500)

WD-8824D1           X, Y Table with Motors (Parco)

WD-8824D12         X, Y Table without Motors (Parco)

WD-8846D1           Fiberoptics Control

WD-8847C1           Fiberoptics Transformer (2460)

WD-8847C1-1        Fiberoptics Transformer #1 (2500)

WD-8847C1-2        Fiberoptics Transformer #2 (2500)

WD-8858D1           Card Cage (Split Mother Board, 2460)

WD-8858D1-001   Card Cage (Split Mother Board, 2460-II)

WD-8862C23-1     Glass Wire Spool Dust Cover

WD-8862C24-1     Glass Wire Guide Tube

WD-8862D1           Wire Feed Assembly

WD-8889-1             Air-Over-Stage Assembly

WD-8899-12           Ultrasonic Transducer Stepped Horn

WD-8910-1             X, Y Table, Hughes Without Motors

WD-8936-12           View Engineering PR-I OR5 (205H004)

WD-8937-12           View Engineering PR-1 OR 3 (205H005)

WD-9005-1             In/Out moter Assembly With Belt (2500)

WD-9006-1             Up/Down Stepper Motor (2500)

WD-9008-1             Bond Head With In/out & Up/down (2500)

WD-9010-1-1          Fiberoptics Control, 2 Holes

WD-9010-1-2          Fiberoptics Control, 3 Holes

WD-9011-21           Chalice Platform (2500)

WD-9012-21           Pedestal (2500)

WD-9012-22           Subplate (2500)

WD-9013-1             Upper Power Supply (2500)]

WD-9017-1             Foot Pedal (2500)

WD-9248                View Engineering PR-II Video Processor, OR2 (White Tab)

WD-9249                View Engineering PR-II Video Memory, OR3 (Blue Tab)

WD-9250                View Engineering PR-II Convolver, OR4 (Purple Tab)

WD-9251                View Engineering PR-II Gate Processor, OR5 (Red Tab)

WD-9252                View Engineering PR-II CPU, OR6 (Orange Tab)

WD-9553                Xentek Power Supply, 60 Amperes, 1 Farad Capacitors

WD-9608                Stepper Driver Assembly (2500)

WD-9634                Mother Board, Lower 2460, PR (2460-II)

WD-9644                Key Switch

WD-9659                Ultrasonic Generator (H382)

WD-9702                Assembly Rotate Motor

WD-9706                Motor Control Assembly

WD-9707                Assembly Signal Control

WD-9746                Tri-Magnification Video Cable

WD-9754                Tri-Magnification Camera, Vidicon

WD-9779                Glentek Power Supply w/o Servo Amplifiers

WD-9784                Glentek Power Supply w Servo Amplifiers

WD-9789                Transducer 2470 Wedge Bonder

WD-9801                Die Chalice (2500)

WD-9909                Ultrasonic Generator (H383), Othodyne Transducer

WD-9914                Bridge Contact, (Mechanical Switch) 

WD-9915                Screw Contact, (Mechanical Switch)

WD-9916                Transducer Bridge, (Mechanical Switch)

WD-9934                Mechanical Switch, Contact Block

WD-9935                Mechanical Switch, Mounting Block

WD-9936                Mechanical Switch, Assembly Harness

WD-9942                Optical Recognition, View Engineering PR-I

WD-9943                Optical Recognition View Eng.  PR-II (COHU or RCA Camera)

WD-10000              Assembly System MPU

WD-10015              Tri-Centering Camera, Vidicon (2500)

WD-10102              Jewel Pivot Kit

WD-10103               X, Y, or Z servo Amplifier

WD-10200               Assembly, PWB Servo Board

WD-10429              Gate Processor, OR5, View Engineering PR-II

WD-10458               X, Y Table, 4" x 4", Without Motors

WD-10476               X, Y Table, 4" x 4", With Motors

WD-10500               Memory, OR7, View Engineering PR-II

WD-10603               CCD Camera COHU

WD-10709               Ultrasonic Generator, Cal Asia

WD-11439               Ultrasonic Transducer, Cal Asia, 2470

WD-11440               Ultrasonic Transducer, Cal Asia, 2460

WD-11469               Dual 80 Track 5.25 Inch Double Sided Floppy Drive Assembly, MPU

WD-11626               X, Y Table, 5" x 12" With Motors

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