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Palomar 2470-V

Hughes Model 2470-V Automatic Wedge Bonder


Cycle time: 750 msec per wire with an approximate wire length of 0.025 inches

Touchdown sensing:  Mechanical and/or ultrasonic 

Bonding wire: aluminum and gold wire bonding with the added flexibility of ribbon bonding

Looping: Multiple programmable looping envelopes with maximum loop height with user designed looping envelopes

Table range: 5 x 12 inch table with digital servos

Reference capability: One or two point reference with two point rotation correction

Ultrasonic generator: electrostrictive ceramic 60 Khz with current and voltage modes 1 or 5 watt selectable

Bonding viewing: multi-power microscope

Wire feed: de spooler

Access: deep access capability

Training:  operator and maintenance training available

Step and repeat: Multiple step-and-repeat capability

Table resolution:  X,Y,Z axis resolution of 0.0001 inches

Pattern recognition: Cognex gray scale pattern recognition with auto focus

Bonding system: Flexible adaptive bonding system

Data storage: 500 Mb or greater hard disk drive

Back up: 3.5 inch floppy disk drive 

Optical system: Solid state (CCD) camera with Optem zoom lens

Lighting: Through- the- lens & off-axis 

Documentation: Operator/maintenance manual

Z stroke: 0.500 inches


Programmable through-the-lens and off-axis lighting


Special tooling options available

All Machines Custom Built to Customer Specifications

 Hughes/Palomar Model 2470-IIIs, available on a Limited Basis